Warner Music Group teams up with Splinterlands

Popular metaverse card game Splinterlands announces another landmark partnership deal, this time with global entertainment brand Warner Music Group.

Following their first artist collaboration with hip-hop act Waka Flocka Flame, Splinterlands is expected to generate many more NFT cards and collectibles with designs inspired by other music artists and acts with Warner Music Group (WMG).

The deal is not just limited to the Splinterlands game though, as the partnership is more direct between the development brand and the global music titan.

According to their announcement, this team up will help enable artists and entertainer’s signed under WMG to work with the Splinterlands team in creating and developing “unique, play-to-earn, arcade-style blockchain games” for fans and users.

These projects will be targeted mainly at gamers on the mobile platform and the arcade style approach will aim to make them more accessible and widely adaptable while still keeping play to earn concepts at its very core.

Currently, play to earn games are moving from the casual approach and are opting to focus their rewards on competitive players, streamlining the rewards options to only cover aspects such as PVP. A big example of this is Axie Infinity’s new season 20 updates, which removed additional reward streams from PVE modes in favor of having players focus on learning the game and grinding it out in PVP.

This move from WMG also marks their second major push in the NFT and Web3 space with the first being a partnership with another popular metaverse developer, Sandbox.

Looking to be more expansive than their new partnership with Splinterlands, WMG’s Sandbox partnership aims at bringing not just new gaming experience into the Sandbox metaverse but also translating real life experiences as well. Part of their plans include the creation of a music metropolis within the virtual world, as well as venues ,stages and even concerts and music festivals.

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