WhiteBit crypto exchange to open metaverse office

Crypto exchange WhiteBit and metaverse developer TCG announced that WhiteBit has acquired NFT property within the TCG World and created their own “metaverse office”.

In a virtual tour posted by their partner TCG Worlds, the WhiteBit Metaverse office is a futuristic corporate complex floating in a snow-laden landscape. The facility comes complete with office spaces, large meeting halls, and even live crypto price tracking viewing areas.

In this new metaverse facility WhiteBit and TCG users can engage in activities such as attending live sessions and news streams, metaverse social gatherings, and even in-metaverse crypto trading.

While not the first big brand to really dive into the metaverse concept, WhiteBit will be the first among major cryptocurrency exchanges to do so, putting them one step ahead of their competition.


WhiteBit now joins other big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Warner Music Group as part of major companies that are among the first corporate adopters of the metaverse concept by directly staking claims to, or purchasing, NFT properties from metaverse developers.

The “metaverse” is what is used to describe a network of 3D or digital worlds with a focus on social connections. The WhiteBit – TCG Partnership is also seen as a major move in NFT land development as they are one of the very few to showcase not just a concept but what seems to be a nearly fully functioning metaverse structure compared to other developers.

In NFT and blockchain technology, the metaverse is often gamified – users and participants are generally regarded as sharing in the success of the concept, rather than being the product. The metaverse is seen as the next major evolution in blockchain experiences that will allow users to interact in real time, and enjoy various multimedia experiences not limited to gaming.

With the growing popularity and advancements in NFTs, various metaverse projects have come to light and have been gaining support.

Notable examples include Decentraland, Sandbox, Star Atlas, and TCG World, the developer that helped build the WhiteBit metaverse office. The idea of the metaverse on the blockchain was further popularized when Facebook announced their rebrand into Meta signifying their move into blockchain technology.

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