xSkyyy and RJB dismissed from guild after Axie match fixing ban

The gaming guild Axie.gg has broken its silence and released an official statement that it will be letting go of two of its top-ranked Axie Infinity players xSkyyy and RJB | Axiemptomatic after being involved in the latest match-fixing scandal. 

Axie Infinity is a creature card battle game where players can raise and breed creatures called Axies and battle them against other players using their set card abilities for rewards including tokens called SLP and AXS. Axie recently held their Season 20 PVP tournaments where we reported seven top-ranked players were banned along with 210 of their Axies due to their involvement in match-fixing.

This quickly became a scandal in the Axie Infinity community as many community members had a lot to say about the bans. Among the top-ranking players, Aremzy of MetaGoons, and xSkyyy and RJB|Axiemptomatic of Axie.gg were included in the list of banned players.

The truth comes out

As of this writing, Aremzy, xSkyyy and RJB|Axiemptomatic have all released statements of their involvement in the Axie match-fixing fiasco and have apologized to the public for their behavior. The current top-ranked player 1437 has also released a statement due to many pointing fingers at him for his alleged involvement in the bans.

Aremzy’s guild MetaGoons also released their own statement strongly condemning the match fixing and that they are launching a full investigation with their players and have assured everyone that proper sanctions and penalties will be placed against offending players.

Consequences to action

In a developing story, Axie.gg has now also released their own statements on the matter in a strongly worded tweet. They said that they have warned their players repeatedly about any activities that could be seen as win-trading. As a result, Axie.gg have decided to let go of both xSkyyy and RJB | Axiemptomatic from the guild effective immediately.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding on their end, but @AxieGG has repeatedly warned our players not to engage in any activity that could possibly be construed as win trading, so we regrettably have no choice but to dismiss @xSkyyy_Axiegg & RJB of @axiemptomatic from the guild.

— Axiegg (@AxieGg) March 31, 2022

In the statements 3 of the 7 Axie pro players, Aremzy, xSkyyy and RJB|Axiemptomatic, they all said they were part of a Discord server with the top-ranking players and there is an unwritten rule that when players meet each other in the Arena, they would force the match to a draw. According to Axie Infinity team, this action violates their terms of service and is still considered match-fixing or trying to manipulate the system to the player’s advantage. 

As per the Axie Infinity team, the indefinite bans on the players and the 999 day ban on the Axies are final and no appeal can be made.

Its has been a challenging week for Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity they’ve had to deal with a catastrophic breach of their Ronin blockchain while dealing with the fallout of banning 7 of its top players from the game due to match fixing and win trading. Sky Mavis has also had to  push bad the launch of its big Axie Origin update which changes a huge chunk of the game by one week in light of the recent events.

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