You can now use SLP to buy Axies

In a much-awaited update, Jeffrey Karn, product designer on Axie Infinity announced on twitter that players can now use Smooth Love Potions (SLP) along with other tokens to buy Axies in the game. Prior to the change the only option was using the ETH/WETH.

Karn stated that the new marketplace feature was realized thanks to their native decentralized exchange Katana or Ronin Dex. Katana allows players to easily swap between different assets in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. With the feature, when players make a purchase, Katana will work in the back end to automatically make the swap in one seamless transaction process.

This new feature streamlines the process that players have to go through to purchase Axies and other assets in the Axie Infinity marketplace. It cuts out the step when buyers have to go to Katana, transacting there and navigating back. This helps in making user experience a lot smoother by taking out unnecessary hassle.

Karn hopes that feature would “increase conversion and have some positive effects on the entire ecosystem”.

Users have also noted that this also results in discount of sorts when buying Axies using SLP due to its current disparity in value compared to other assets.

Karn also revealed that this is just part 1 of the rollout of the planned feature. Part 2 will then also allow sellers to ask for any asset/cryptocurrency that they choose for their sales. He states that part 2 of the feature will be implemented in the weeks to come.

Karn also stated that more quality of life features for the Axie Infinity Marketplace are set to come soon and that a detailed roadmap is on the way.

Upon checking the feature was already live at the time of this posting.

Axie Infinity has been very busy as of late in the wake of the launch of its V.3 or Axie Orgin update. This update is only the latest in the line of announcements on what the Axie Team is working on. Game Product Lead Philip La detailed more functionality to Axie’s land gameplay or Lunacia and they’ve also announced a contest that rewards players who educate others about Axie Origin.

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